Arthur and Melody: the Editing Begins

After spending 6 months writing Arthur and Melody, the first draft moves into editing

Alejandro Herrera

6/6/20241 min read

Finally, after 6 months of writing, I finished the first draft of Arthur and Melody. I managed to push through several writer blocks and other obstacles and distractions, and finished the first draft! This novel is my debut novel, which is a Young Adult Fantasy Novel with Catholic themes.

I printed out the 222-page manuscript with my home printer, took a red pen, and set to read the first draft looking for plot holes wherever they could be found. It is not very long, considering there are manuscripts 500 pages long, which are considered on the higher end of average.

Arthur and Melody is a novel for young adults which is set in West Texas. Here is a synopsis I have written about the book:

"Arthur has always been the target of bullies, but his tormentor, Billy, is more than just a mean-spirited student. When Arthur is victim of a traumatic bullying episode by Billy, he is gifted by God the power to read dreams, and he must use this power to thwart the devil's plans.

Melody is the new girl at school, struggling to find her place. When she befriends Arthur, she becomes entangled in his world as his assistant. Her courage and compassion make her the perfect ally as they face increasingly dangerous challenges. Together, Arthur and Melody must navigate the treacherous terrain of high school life while preparing to thwart the devil's ultimate plan

As Arthur and Melody delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the school, they discover that their mission is part of a much larger, ancient battle between light and darkness. Guided by Father John, a priest with a deep knowledge of exorcism and the supernatural, they uncover ancient knowledge that hint at a looming apocalypse."

That's all I am saying about the plot!